Rules & Attire
Dance Attire for ALL CLASSES – Leotard – T-Shirt – Tank Top – Capri Pants – Sweat Pants – Skirts - Shorts. Jeans are not proper dance attire. 

Shorts, Skirts & LEOTARDS - All SHORTS, SKIRTS & LEOTARDS must be worn with TIGHTS NO exceptions.
 (Dancer will be asked to NOT participate in class if they are not wearing tights!!!)

Tights – Color & Style of choice. (Capri Tights are acceptable)
Hair - must be pulled back at all times.
Boys: - T-shirt, sweat pants, shorts, No jeans. 

Shoes: All Shoes MUST Be Purchased at N.Y.C. DANCE 
**Please see Front Desk**

Proper shoes must be worn at all times.
If student fails to wear the proper shoes they will be asked to not participate in the class.
All dance shoes and bags must have names or initials in them.

  *N.Y.C. Dance is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged property (This also includes DANCE SHOES)*

Dance Room Rules:

Street shoes may NOT be worn in Dance Room.
Each child will receive a Lollipop at the end of their class. Dancers demonstrating poor behavior will NOT receive a lollipop.
There is absolutely NO RUNNING in the Dance Room.

Attendance for all Students: 
If you miss a class you may make up that class by attending any other class that is your age group – Please see the front desk for make up class days or times. Make up classes are NOT MANDATORY. 
There are no refunds for missed classes. Please try to make every effort to attend all classes, as tardiness and absences will hold back the entire class. * If you are 15 minutes or more late to class, you will not be able to participate as it is a disruption to the class* There will be NO makeup classes during March – May due to recital practices. If you are going to miss class please call the studio. 

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